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Membership Categories and Dues Schedule

KAAD membership is open to all interested individuals and groups in Kentucky who wish to affiliate with the association and who supports the purpose and policies of the Association upon approval of the Membership Committee.  Membership categories include:  Center, Individual, Honorary, Provisional, and Associate.  The following is a description of these membership categories and related dues.

Center (Voting)

Dues are based on Actual Gross Revenue for most recent Fiscal Year Ended

The applicant shall be a legally constituted entity that operates at least one licensed adult day services program and whose primary purpose is to provide quality adult day services.  Those who have been operating less than a year should base Dues on Gross Revenues To-Date. 

There are two Group Membership Options:

  1. Combined Adult Day Revenue Method:  Dues rate is based on total of combined gross revenue of all centers in the group. – entitles organization to one vote.
  2. Separate Adult Day Revenue Method:  Dues rate is based on separate gross revenue for each and every center. – entitles each center to one vote
Actual Gross RevenuesDues Amount
$1 – 199,000$200
$200,000 – 299,999$295
$300,000 – 399,999$350
$400,000 – 499,999$635
$500,000 – 599,999$725
$600,000 – 699,999$820
$700,000 – 799,999$915
Actual Gross RevenuesDues Amount
$800,000 – $899,999$1,010
$900,000 – 999,999$1,100
$1M – 1.49M$1,575
$1.5M – 1.99M$2,024
$2.0M – 2.49M$2,500
$2.5M – 2.99M$2925
$3.0M – 3.49$3,325
$3.5M +$3,500

Individual (Voting) – $295

An applicant interested in Adult Day that directly provides adult day services may become an individual member.  However, those individuals who are an employee or a principle of an organization qualifying as a center, associate, or provisional member, shall not be accepted as an individual member unless the employing agency is a current member in the appropriate member class.

Provisional (Non-Voting) – $180

A non-licensed facility in process of licensure within Kentucky, which is not scheduled to be licensed within 90 days, may qualify to become a Provisional Member.  Membership may be granted for two years or until licensure, whichever is sooner.

Associate (Non-Voting)

Dues based on Association Classification

Vendor or Consultant – Dues: $525

Vendor- Individual or business which provides products/services to the Adult Day Care Industry.
Consultant- Individual or consulting firm offering consulting services to adult day services providers.
Members at this level do not directly provide adult day services.

Allied Organization- Dues: $200

Health or Social Services organization not operating an adult day services program and not in the process of licensure.  Examples:  Nursing home, hospital, home health agency, etc.

Out-of-State Provider- Dues: $290

Governmental or Non-Profit Organization- Dues: $185

Community based long-term care organization, association, or network not directly providing adult day services.  Examples:  Educational institution, planning council, Area Agency on Aging, etc.