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Please consider joining the Kentucky Association of Adult Day Centers (KAAD).  Below is some information about KAAD as well as a membership application. In addition to the benefits outlined below, membership allows you to vote on items that concern the association, and also provides you with legislative updates about changing regulations and policies, as well as the ability to help steer the direction of those changes.

Membership Benefits

While the benefits of joining KAAD are numerous, a few are listed below:

  • You will have the opportunity to help shape the future of adult day services in Kentucky. 
  • You will receive timely information and analysis of legislative and regulatory issues and actions that affect adult day services. 
  • As a member of KAAD you will have access to the people who have spent the most time in the adult day care field, who are familiar with the issues you experience.
  • KAAD is very involved in advocating for the population we serve. When we stand together as a group, our association has the ability to make changes for the future of adult day attendees and providers.